Referral Rewards

chrome_pound_250x2491.jpgWhen you (personally or as a business) refer a business client to us, we will be so pleased that we will give you 10% of any hours charged.

Don't think that this reward is just for the first visit, oh no, but for as long as we service that client.

This means that an income can be made just from you referring businesses to us.

For instance, if you refer 10 businesses and they each use 20 hours at, say, £45 per hour, that would equate to £9000 and you would receive £900.

That's a nice reward.  And remember that if they use us long term, that figure could be much higher over the long term.

Also, if any client you refer buys a website from us, then you would be in-line for a reward of 5% of the sale price.  That means for a £4000 e-commerce website that you would receive a cool £200.

I think you'll agree that this is an amazing offer.  We see it this way.  If you hadn't referred them, then we wouldn't get anything from the referred businesses, so it's only fair that you are rewarded handsomely.